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We find users on Instagram that fit your target criteria and interact with them in smart way, we'll like 1-2 of their posts or even follow them to get their attention, so those who we target that already showed interest in your niche, will expose to your amazing content and start following you back and consume your content.

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Awesome, I am at an average of about 1000 new followers per month. I have worked very hard to have a great content on my IG account but that alone was not getting me followers IG Hero has helped me tremendously.


Valeria Lauren

Model & Travel Blogger

The service has been great so far. I needed growth from specific types of people and real people and it worked. My followers have grown and so has my likes and engagement. Someone always answers my emails when I have questions about my account. Very satisfied.


Eric Aramia

Body Builder Influencer

IG Hero has really delivered on it's promise to grow my social media presence organically, they have helped me to connect real people who are really interesting in my content. Just as importantly, i feel that my account is secure with them.

I would totally recommend this company


Jammes Tattoo

Local Business Tattooer