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Take the guesswork out of creating content that grabs attention. Use what’s already working in your niche to create the kind of content that will get results!

IG Hero shows you exactly what’s working right now on your niche so you can create the most effective posts & hashtags to grab engagement, growth, and sales!

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Find content that resonates with your audience

Simply type your best hashtags in your niche and In seconds you will find the kind of posts that will help you emotionally connect with your clients.


Filter by Keyword, Media type, Location & more

If putting a specific hashtag related to your niche is not enough, you can always filter the posts by your preferences


Sort all by Engagement rate, Likes, Comments & Date posted

After getting your desired results, all left is to sort your results, reveal what’s working now, mimic it, grow like a king and get more sales!


Save, track, spy & execute...

After finding the winning posts you want to mimic, it’s time to click on the magic heart button.

Our system will continue to track all the post’s performance so you could see how really successful they are and how traction they get, learn from it and execute your plan.

Other Features

Save posts

Save posts for later to make sure you won’t lose them in future

Download posts

You can download videos & posts in a click of a button

Instant, real-time updates

Our interface updates instantly with new content. You can see posts from "seconds ago".

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