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Advanced analytics

Get graphs displaying your performance for metrics like follower evolution and average engagement rate, so you could take insightful actions to improve your social media strategy and optimize your performance.

Access benchmarks for over 100 industries, to allow you to compare your performance against the competition.

In-depth engagement insights

Understand how your content impacts your engagement in order to grow your brand presence.

Insights like average engagement, reach, and best time to post will help you increase your engagement rate and grow your Instagram following.

Know your audience

Easily discover who is following you, even with details such as which city and country they are from. See how many people discovered you, and how many people took action on your account.

Measure everything in one place so you’ll know how effective your Instagram activities are.

Other Features

Competitor tracking

Understand your competitor’s performance so you can easily benchmark it against your own

Community analytics

Understand where your followers are, the languages they speak and their age and gender

Posts and stories insights

Discover your top posts and top stories so you can see what attracts your followers

Track your activity

Know how many people discovered you and how many people you have reached that actuallytook action

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