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What distinguishes you from everyone else?

The only intercom that stays alive in the background. The only real solution to hands-free voice chat. The only way to mix music and voice seamlessly (patented).

I want to wait to implement a solution like this...

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. We are the first to market with an automated social prospecting tool like this combines with dedicated actions plans to local businesses, and the opportunity to create a new channel of warm leads is there for the taking!

What does my feed need to communicate?

You need to have a live and kicking feed that communicates your value, has a call to action (CTA) and shows who you are and your story. There is much more to covered but no worries everything will be explained with a very informative course with live examples

What if I'm not technical?

Don't worry, we built the product so everyone can use it. You don't need to be technical to experience results. Just follow the process we help you lay out.

Will this really work for me?

Yes, this is just a digital marketing tool. It might sound a little foreign right now, but it works. This will work for you if you are: 1. Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers 2. Looking to build your brand and tell your story throught Instagram 3. if you looking to break the glass celling and move to the next level with your brand

Are there any long term contracts?

No, everything is month-to-month. You can however, pay yearly to get a discount.

Is it hard to set up?

No, it's very easy. In our most popular package, we help you get set-up and comfortable with the platform, and then our A.I. does the rest. We will start to interact with a potential customers and get more connections every single day.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We are a group of online marketers and techies who have worked at. We are dedicated to helping business owners like us to be successful on Instagram, tell their brand story and get more clients.

Is my ideal customers really on Instagram?

Yes. They scrolling their feed and login every day, all you need is the to create the right opportunity that will trigger them to connect with you and we help you with all of it.

What exactly do I get when I sign up?

You get the prospecting service which includes: strategy session to create your target and messages, very focused detailed training program that will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to turn potential customers into paying customers... w'ell create targeted automated campaigns in order to interact with your potential customers in a daily bases, competitors audit and 360 managment toolkit that will help you get the most of your Instagram account, all in one place.

What if I don't have budget for a tool like this?

This is a business development tool that will help you generate qualified leads. Think about how much you would pay for a lead who is willing to get a phone call or meet for coffee with you and become a paying customer and even a returning paying customer- we provide 5-10 of these leads per month and if you close 1 of those leads, the tool will pay for itself.

What are the next steps?

Book a 15-min discovery call with one of our Growth Team members to talk about whether Instagram can work for you.

How many new clients will I get from this?

We don’t give you clients, we give you potential customer/followers that want to talk to you and follow you and your brand and consum your content. Your results will be unique to you and your business. If you have a great offer and a proven sales strategy, you will see results.

What are the trainings you are talking is all about?

Since we noticed local businesses have a gap between what's needed from them to do in order to gain more customers from Instagram, we cerfully crafted dedicated trainings that will explain and teach you exacly and simplified these steps, like what to upload? when? what to think when uploading a post? etc. Local businesses who using our methods combined with our toolkits seeing outstanding results.