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How we helped Fashion Model Valeria grow her followers by 25K & get new modeling contracts

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Valeria Lauren

Product Marketing Manager at IGHero

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Valeria is a 23-year-old model and a freelancer. She is very passionate about fashion and traveling. Valeria has a very promising career in modeling. Even after she joined the army and graduated she still wanted to pursue her dream and make the most of it.


As a freelancer, Valeria needed to close new deals with her potential clients. And she knew that she had to meet certain requirements such as having a specific type of followers that would help her reach worldwide companies and sign beneficial contracts. So, she thought of Instagram as being one of the best platforms to widen her network and achieve her goals. Still, this was a challenge because she didn’t know how to get to her followers, and how to make them interact and engage with her.


IG Hero ticked all of the boxes:

  • Discover her ideal target audience and figured out what they’ll be interested in and what would be appealing for them.
  • Then decided which things she needs to display in her profile.
  • We went into detail into how to be in the trending section and how to bring more viewers to her profile using the right hashtags and strategies.
  • After all of this, we guided her to start making her own laser-targeted campaigns with our Instagram A.I features automation to bring targeted viewers that were deeply engaged with her feed.

“What IG hero actually does is, first of all, you can manage your account out of the Instagram app. It is so much easy and fun. And the second thing is just it exposes your profile to thousands of potential followers who are unique you know, they are relevant, they are not fake followers and everything just keeps running and Instagram keeps growing.”


We helped Valeria with her brand awareness, this took us a few months but paid off eventually. As she used to get an average of 200k views in one month and now she’s getting up to 800k views on her profile monthly. Valeria started gaining a variety of audiences that she had always dreamed of.

The engagement rate went from 1.39% to 2.88% and she started attracting very important clients. “Twenty Six” a clothing company contacted Valeria and closed a contract with her right after she started working with us. Now Valeria’s schedule is full for the upcoming year.

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“Twenty Six” campaign with Valeria:

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