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How Evan Khan, a small business owner, and entrepreneur gained more customers and new leads from local businesses

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Michael Jones

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Evan Khan is an inspiring 23-year-old who owns an online marketing agency who helps local businesses to get more customers from social media. He is an entrepreneur who likes to collaborate with other businesses in the same field as his. One of Evan’s biggest passions is making videos and editing them. As he tries to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers by posting his videos on his Instagram profile and try to sell his services.


Evan had more to do but less time to do it. Having to take care of his online business and doing both marketing and editing made his schedule exhaustive. Not having any time to do any marketing on Instagram or having any time for his followers. He tries to make some interesting posts but always doubting that they wouldn’t be as perfect or interesting, and complaining about the lack of time to take care of all of this.


We helped Evan change the idea he had about Instagram marketing and managed to show him how to intrigue and seduce local customers. Before we started an organic campaign, we wanted to create a relevant and exciting feed that will resonate with his potential clients, and Since Evan didn’t have much time, he used our interactive posts scheduler and post weeks upfront and save at least 2.5 hours a day.

“With help from IG Hero growth team, I understood that if I attract local businesses, let them get to know me and follow me; it’s just a matter of time until they will become customers and spread the word around other local businesses organically and without paying any expensive ads.”


Evan finally understood how to gain leads and close deals on Instagram without consuming his valuable time. He moved from an average of 200 likes to 500 likes for each post. Evan’s profile views went from 100 profile views a week to 1,400 views.

“Usually I have like 100 profile views in 7 days, but using the software, I have 1,400 every week which is obviously a big jump.”

In the end, Evan even got a customer that pays for IG hero services for him to continue to keep his business growing!

“I've got one client using it (IG Hero), As I remember, I had like or comment from one of the restaurants, they texted me saying “We need some followers done, how much would you charge for it?” I quote them, we closed a deal, and then, I’ve added them to IG Hero as well, I've charged them on the service while I’m using it by myself”

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