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How we helped Karma restaurant get new targeted local followers that turned into new customers - growing business by 110% in less than 30 days

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Maria Hernandes

Social Media Manager at IGHero

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Karma is the name of a well-known restaurant that has great reviews, and which extended to four branches. Almost all reservations that Karma restaurant gets are from word of mouth, parented websites partnerships, and online advertising. Karma restaurant was established in 1985 in Jerusalem. It is one of the best restaurants you could go to. Their good is incredibly delicious and they are very well known among Jerusalem.


Karma Restaurant is located in the city center, more like the heart of the city, and this would be such a hotspot for tourists & locals. However, it was not very popular, not even among the locals.

"We had an Instagram page for a while but never really did much with it. It was hard to decide what content to post, and then, of‌ ‌course, that meant nobody was commenting or interacting with the business."


Our intense guidance and focused training for local businesses made Karma restaurant able to create and post relatable and more killer content that was more appealing and attractive. We used IG Hero competitor features for market research, found the best hashtags, locations, and nearby restaurants competitors and eventually crafted a clear growth strategy to bring more quality followers and potential customers.


After following the right strategy and leading our team to create appealing quality content, and highly focused targeted campaign the results were pretty incredible, within the first three weeks of working with IG Hero, people started to get familiar with the place, and we kept getting a considerable amount of calls and reservations. That was insane.

Moreover, we helped them attract potential customers and get more followers as well as gaining brand awareness. Karma became one of the shining stars of the universe.

"With IG Hero got a big push in the right direction! The combination of the right content and the right targeted exposure grew the activity by 68% in just the first three weeks. Our engagement rate was at 110% with about 13 comments for each post. I couldn't believe the power that our Instagram account suddenly had!”

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